Project LOVE Waldorf Dolls

10 October 2018

Waldorf 100 Learn to Change the World

Project LOVE Waldorf Dolls

Dear parents, students and friends,

It is with great joy that we inform you that our second Project LOVE Waldorf Dolls took off last month! Middle school parents and students came on a Saturday morning for this. It was lovely seeing mothers lovingly forming heads, fathers sewing with such care, children patiently teaching their parents. We all were sewing with meticulousness, knowing that the dolls will be received with much love in the coming months.

Please read the accompanying article which describes the experiences of our students and the communities we connected with when we first distributed our dolls. Our thanks to everyone who gave their time, love and effort to our first Waldorf 100 Project LOVE Waldorf Dolls. It was and will continue to be a wonderful opportunity for us to engage in meaningful, transformative and social participation.

Our next doll making session will be on 13 October 2018, Saturday, in the handwork/woodwork rooms. Please bring an old pillow for stuffing material, a shirt that we can upcycle. We hope to see you!

With gratitude,
MWS faculty