Enrolment Guidelines

Enrolment Process
  1. Contact the Admin Office via phone, email, or school visit,and update your contact information and select desired paymentterm (annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly).
  2. The Admin Office shall print out (or email) the EnrolmentContract and Tuition Payment Schedule for your signature.
  3. Please pay the tuition downpayment via any of the followingoptions:
    • Directly via cash or check at the Admin Office. Pleaseaddress all check payments to "Manila WaldorfSchool."
    • Over-the counter (OTC) in any BPI branch.
    • For those with BPI Express online facility, you can also payvia the internet.
  4. For those paying via BPI (OTC or online), please notify theschool that you have made payment so that it can beverified.
  5. Once the school receives the signed enrolment contract(contract can be faxed or scanned and sent via email withoriginal to follow) AND verified yourdown-payment, your child(ren) shall then be consideredenrolled.

Those with payment arrears shall not be allowed to enroll until they settle their obligations or come to an agreement with the school.

Tuition Discounts
  1. The tuition fee discount schemes:
    • New student discount - (10%).
    • New student referral discount - (10%). Note that the discount amount that shall be applied to the old student's tuition fee shall be computed based on the tuition fee [annual payment term] of the new student. For example, if a new 5-day kindergarten student was referred by the parent of a grade 11 student, then the referral discount that the grade 11 student may claim is equal to 10% of the 5-day kindergarten tuition fee [annual payment term].
    • Sibling discount - (5%, 7.5%, 10%).
  2. Discount calculation.
    • All tuition fee discounts is based on the annual payment term rate.
    • As per previous practice, all discounts shall be applied to the last tuition fee payment for the SY for the relevant student. The discount also cannot be en-cashed.
  3. Should you wish to do so, all those qualified to receive tuition discounts may donate their discounts to the school.
School Bus Service
  1. Reservation and Payment Schedule. As there are a limited number of bus seats, they shall be on a first-come/first-serve basis. You may reserve bus slots by making a down-payment upon enrollment and by completing/signing the Bus Application Form.
  2. No student will be allowed to take the school’s bus service without a duly accomplished/signed Bus Application Form.
Over-The-Counter (OTC)/Online Payment


You may pay the school via any of the options above in thesame manner that you use these facilities to pay your utilitybills (Meralco, Manila Water, etc.) online via BPI. Simply enrolManila Waldorf School in your BPI bills payment facility so thatyou can use this option. IMPORTANT! Please enrol thecorrect 12 digit Reference No. of your child. Otherwise, theschool will be unable to trace your payments.


Payments to the school may already be made viaOver-the-Counter (OTC) deposit at any branch of the Bank ofPhilippine Islands (BPI). Important reminders for filling up theblue BPI Deposit/Payment Slip:

  1. Check the boxes: PAYMENT, CURRENT, PESO
  2. ACCOUNT NAME/MERCHANT'S NAME: Manila Waldorf School
  3. Enter the school's Account Number: 0273 3556 26
  4. Policy/Plan / Reference No. : Please enter the 12 digitReference No. of your child (Example: 0000-0000-1837). The schoolsent this out to all parents earlier this school year. If you donot know your child's Reference No., please contact the AdminOffice. IMPORTANT! Please enter the correct 12 digit ReferenceNo. of your child. Otherwise, the school will be unable to traceyour payments. (Note: Please include the dash between the sets of4 digit numbers and please inform the teller to also include thedashes when they encode your deposits). Policy/Plan holder'sName: Please enter your child/children's name as it appearsin the official Manila Waldorf School enrolment roster (Example:Montemayor, Lorenzo F.). Please contact the Admin Office if youare not sure about this information.
  5. Enter the amount of payment in the appropriate space –Cash orCheck

BPI will charge P20.00 for every transaction and they willissue an official receipt for this.