School Life Articles

The goal of the Waldorf kindergarten (Palaruan) is to develop a sense of wonder in the young child and a reverence for all living things. This creates an eagerness for the academics that follow in the grades. Kindergarten is intended to be a home-like experience so that the young child feels secure and comfortable in his first step away from the family home.
Art plays a significant role in the Waldorf Elementary Levels. The teaching of subjects (science, math, history, etc) are enlivened through artistic activities (drawing, making music, painting) that help your child become emotionally engaged in his/her learning process.
In high school, Waldorf students are engaged actively, emotionally and thoughtfully as they were in their earlier education. However, during this third phase of education, the emphasis moves decidedly toward thinking, which is developed through the subjects that are taught and through the habits that are cultivated.