Come celebrate the spirit of Advent!

As we eagerly anticipate the coming of Christmas, we continue our tradition of celebrating the season with the annual Advent Fair - an occasion for the MWS community to come together and share the blessings of the year just passed. This year's fair will be held on Saturday, December 3, from 9am - 5pm at the MWS campus in Timberland Heights.

Come and experience the fun-filled activities, games and shows that interweave with the themes of the lessons taught in each grade level (K - 12). Advent time is always a joyous time of anticipation and excitement in a Waldorf school. It is also the time to bring out the childlike joy within us. We look forward to celebrating this meaningful event with you and your children!

The gift of the light we shall thankfully take
But it shall not be alone for our sake,
The more we give light,
The one to the other
It grows and gives light
And shines even farther
Until every heart
By love set aflame
In every place great joy shall proclaim
Not long shall continue the darkness of year
The Christ draws near