About Us


Academic freedom is a hallmark of Steiner schools so much so that they are also commonly described as "faculty-run schools". Steiner schools are also typically managed by teachers and parents from the very communities they provide for. MWSI has gone even a step further by making all parents and teachers "owners" of the school – they are all legal Members of the corporation until they leave the school.

The school has three primary organizations: the Board of Trustees (BOT), the College of Teachers (COT), and the Stewards.

The Board of Trustees (BOT) is the governing body of MWS. It is the highest policy making body of the school and provides oversight across all the school’s operations. The board is composed of ten (10) members, three (3) of which come from the school faculty. Its current members are:

  • Virgina V. Abo-Hamda
  • Tammy Dinopol
  • Brenda V. Fajardo.
  • Mary-Joan V. Fajardo
  • Cherise G. Mapa
  • Antonio Q. Montemayor
  • Rachelle Puno
  • Alice J. U. Salita
  • Lorelei Tan
  • Red Leoncio Taruc Co, Jr.